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You Can’t Close, without Clear2Close 


  • Whether you're selling commercial or residential property or you are doing a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) transaction, we have you covered. Clear2Close Title & Escrow, LLC prepares all sellers conveyance documents such as, but not limited to, Warranty Deed, Bill of Sale, relevant affidavits, and the Settlement Statement.
  • We disburse funds according to title requirements, ensuring no post-closing issues.
  • After the signing has been completed, Clear2Close Title & Escrow, LLC will forward payment to any prior lender, pay all parties who performed services in connection with the closing, and pay out any net funds to the Seller before recording the documents with the appropriate county.
  • We coordinate the closing, assist the parties through the process, and explain the documentation to be signed. 
  • Once the transaction closes, we issue the Buyer their Title Insurance Policy.

    Our office also has an In-House, onsite, Lantana Hard Money Lender for qualifying Borrowers.

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